Your next hit song
deserves a music video

Need to bring more to your fans and grow your audience ?
We create videos for every genre of music.

With so many talents and a sunny wheater, 
Barcelona is a great location to shoot music videos.

Featured work

  • STREET PACK from 999€ (Shooting / Editing / Color Grading and overlays)
  • STUDIO PACK from 1999€ (Street pack + Studio and lighting)


Featured Work
Wolfcut Director

    Only on demand, quote for 199€, free quote if budget is accepted


We Capture your project

Shooting videos of every types since 2012 has proven that we are able to capture the moments you need to show.

Video Editing

Get the best of the best

We do our best to edit videos to show the best we can get from the images, frame by frame if need be, and optimize the positioning of titles and captions to communicate all the informations 

Special Effects

Access the unreal

We use Adobe After Effects in many different productions. Wolfcut is a director that uses a lot of it, It can be a simple scar removing on a face or changing the plate number of a car as it can be the creation of a sandstorm.

Color Grading

Set the mood

Color grading is far more than a correction of the colors, it's a way to bring a certain ambiance in the picture. All of the videos that we edit are specificaly color graded.