Your video is blocked on YouTube in 90 countries, on tablets and smartphones, advertisements appear on the video, the Facebook and Instagram has already erased your publication with the description and the hashtags which cost you 20 min of reflection. You are at the edge of the cracking and the world is so inequitable, why you? Why your video? Why this music?


A music, it is one or several composer(s), an arranger(s), an engineer(s) of the sound, the lyric writer(s), the singer(s) / interpreter(s), instruments, one or several studio(s), working hours and inspiration, a music label and a know-how which deserve remuneration. Certain productions between friends can let you believe that to create music is very affordable. Certainly for certain productions the costs are relatively reasonable but borrowed musics (not to say "stolen") on the web represent sometimes and even often productions which can reach colossal charges.

These people, these jobs and these costs have to find a support in the distribution of music and it is a very complex problem.

The platforms of distribution as YouTube are equipped with a very effective system of recognition of the music. Once your video file online, the system is going to analyze the sound track to find some contents existing in a database including most of the musics recorded by labels.

Any music published on the iTunes Store of Apple, Spotify and many other platforms are automatically added to this database. It will thus be more and more rare for a music to pass the filter set up by this platforms. Even acapellas can be recognized in a remix and a few seconds are enough for the recognition, it shows the efficiency of the system.

If the music is refused, you can always burst into tears, pity you on the multitude of forum and shout to injustice but that will not be very effective.

A) Free solution, find some music under license Creative Commons (CC).

We rarely use this solution in our studios, it asks for patience, research, compromises of quality and style which we avoid in our production.

B) Invest some euros in a music free of rights.

This music is not exclusive to your contents but is relatively affordable. A long list of sites proposes musics free of rights, we use in particular

We research for our customers the musics adapted to their contents and at a lower cost. Being regular users of these music libraries, we know where to find what you are looking for.

C) Use of original music. 

You can call on to independent composers who can create the musics and even the complete soundtrack of your video. 

We can supply you a formula adapted via our service of music for pictures. This service is intended for the demanding productions and requires a certain time of production and budget, it is thus preferable for limited budgets to explore the solutions A, B.

The platform of distribution YouTube is equipped with a very effective system of recognition of music. Nevertheless, YouTube allows in agreement with certain labels to use music protected by the copyright thanks to a system of advertisements. 

Once music is detected, YouTube will place the advertising on your video to pay labels for the use of the music. A video can contain various complaints and every music can see itself accepted or refused according to the choices of the corresponding label. 

If music is refused, the video is blocked, or on certain geographical zones, certain devices or everywhere. Thus the monetization of your video will straightaway be refused to you, if you want to make money with your views, it is not a good approach.

Good to know !

A label can decide at any time to stop accepting the distribution of certain musics or all its directory. Your video will then be blocked as long as the label does not come back on its decision. 

YouTube proposes a music library in which we can fetch music free of charge and which allow the monetization of videos. 

Without guaranteeing that it will satisfy you, it is an effective solution if you are not too much requiring on details. Note that YouTube can also restrict the use of his music library on the other platforms. 

Youtube has now a tool that allows you to see in advance what will happen with your video if you use a music protected by copyright.

The 3 solutions can be used for Youtube

The platform of distribution Vimeo is also equipped with a system of recognition of the music. We saw videos with protected musics passing the filter of Vimeo without being detected. Know nevertheless that videos are deleted without advance notice by Vimeo. They do not hesitate to take action if they consider necessary to delete channels and user accounts. 

The 3 main solutions are usable on Vimeo.

Facebook and Instagram use a similar system of recognition of the music. On the contrary of YouTube, they do not propose system of remuneration for labels and follow a simple and effective procedure, a direct and definitive deletion of the video.

Contracts and infrastructures necessary for the music distribution protected by copyright is a complex affair which was not solved at the moment on these platforms.

The 3 solutions work on Facebook and Instagram.


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